It can’t be said often enough: thank you so much for visiting. If you’re as curious about life as I am, you are just where you need to be. Life is a miracle and I’m here to remind you that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. On my blog and in my upcoming books you will find inspiration and have a few laughs as you read about travel, business and health, among many other things.

Here’s the short version

You’re still reading? Hmm, I guess I’ll tell a little about myself, then. I spent the first 25 years of my life in the Netherlands, interspersed with a year backpacking in Australia when I was 19. I studied Tourism Management but never managed any tourists (let alone a destination). Since my graduation, I have lived in the United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand and the Solomon Islands.

Hobbies, you wonder? I’ve just discovered beach tennis and I’d really like to improve my boogie woogie piano skills. Good food is another one of my weaknesses. Does travel count too?

Classic chicken-and-egg situation: did I become a freelance writer because of my travels or do I travel because writing allows me to work from anywhere? As I write these words, I’m on the Canary Islands, but I might just be in your town when you read this. I actually considered The Anywhere Man as a name for this blog, but didn’t want to limit myself to travel writing.

What I’m working on

2016 marked the publication of my first book, written with author and speaker Esther Jacobs. The guide is titled Digital Nomads: How to Live, Work and Play Around the World (Amazon). With a foreword written by best-selling author Chris Guillebeau, this book is a must-have if you are interested in conquering the world with your laptop.

In 2020, I published a short productivity book. In The 17-Minute Method: The Gentle Approach to Unstoppable Productivity (Amazon) you will discover a system that guarantees success in just about any field you can think of.

I’m constantly working on more books in the travel, self-development and business niches. If you’d like me to keep you in the loop on these projects, like my Facebook page.

Don’t be a stranger

I’d love to hear how you ended up on this site and what drives you. So do get in touch! Feel free to comment on my articles or drop me a line.